Serenity Wedding Package


    Can I have different material on the arbor?

    Absolutely! We have 2 options for bamboo material : Burlap and White.

    What are sample colors for chair sashes?

    We have pretty much all colors for chair sashes. To better match the color to your wedding please email us color sample you have in mind and we will match it as close as possible. For some color inspiration visit our gallery here.

    Can I have more than 20 chairs?

    Absolutely! We charge $10 per chair. If you need more than 20 chairs, just let us know and we will add it your package.

    What if I have less than 20 guests and don't need 20 chairs?

    You can easily remove chairs from the packages. We charge $10 per chair. So for example if you only need 10 chairs please deduct $100 from package price.